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Jerneja Logaj
Team Slovenia at WSDC 2019

As someone who has been fully engrossed in debate for the last 5 years being invited to judge a tournament outside of my home (European) circuit has been an amazing opportunity. Specifically, in the trying time of the coronavirus, where due to travel restrictions and the dire situation worldwide physical tournaments are made impossible, it is amazing that there are still people who are willing to organize debate tournaments (especially tournaments that have to accommodate to different time zones!) and thusly adapt to the status quo. 

Overall, this tournament has been a very pleasant experience for me, the students were very creative and brought up a lot of cleverly developed and imaginative arguments and it has been a huge honor for me to be able to participate in it.

Jerneja logaj
Aadit Palicha
Team UAE at WSDC 2020

As an instructor at the Emirates Debate Society, I am grateful to have the opportunity to share my experience with students who are passionate and dedicated. During these sessions, we have intense thought-provoking discussions on various topics. One of my sessions was focused on exploring how to develop a strong philosophical basis for counterfactual arguments. I greatly enjoyed interacting with the students who were very eager to debate and discuss. I am glad to see Shreyas and all the other instructors continuously working hard towards not only maintaining quality but striving to raise the bar

aadit palicha