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The Emirates Debate Society has recently organized the Emirates Debate Championship; a debating tournament that was conducted from 18 July to 21 July, 2020. 

Event Statistics

  • 68 Teams (204 Participants) from 40+ schools
  • 35+ adjudicators. These judges were highly experienced university-level debaters. Some of them were also members of their country’s national debating team including UAE, India, and Slovenia. Each judge provided individual detailed feedback to the participants after every debate
  • 4-day event
  • 100+ hours of debating
  • Our live-streamed closing ceremony reached 1300+ people

Guest Speakers 

  • Ms Sumana Chatterjee — Director of Debate and Public Speaking at GEMS Modern Academy Dubai since 2009 
  • Ms Glenda Clarke — Organizer of Dubai Debate League and Manager of the UAE Debate Team 
  • Mr Sudarshan Seshadri — Distinguished Toastmaster and TEDx Speaker 

Motions and Topics 


  • This House Would make basic medical training compulsory for all citizens
  • This House Believes That schools should prioritize teaching national history over world history.
  • This House Opposes the Defining Decade norm 
  • This House Believes That Human Cloning should be completely banned
  • This House Believes That the consumption and production of meat in today’s world is unethical.


  • This House Would create a marketplace for the buying and selling of citizenship between private individuals
  • This House Regrets the glamorization of start-up culture
  • This House Believes That large companies should be required to have women in leadership positions
  • This House, as a wealthy individual, would use that wealth to become a vigilante (e.g. Batman) in areas of high crime and a corrupt police force (e.g. Mexico City)
  • This House would ban the research and production of moral enhancement drugs.